Swiss Authentication Anti-Counterfeit solutions

Looking for the ideal anti-counterfeiting/brand protection solution? Here you found it!

Swiss Authentication and Swiss Authentication Research and Development (SARD) have teamed up to provide you with the perfect real world security solution.

Security from counterfeit or reproduction by third parties

  • Swiss Authentication‘s covert Encrypted Spectral Taggants (EST) can only be decoded with our detectors.
  • We design multi-layered and multi-featured security labels, marks, and holograms using production materials and technology far beyond the reach and ability of sophisticated counterfeiters.

Exclusive and customized to your individual product requirements

  • Our Brand Protection team works with you to create a customized brand protection solution specifically for your product and brand.
  • Mega Bytes of your information encrypted with embedded machine readable SARD EST Taggant.

Flexible in application and suitable for almost any product

  • By combining our secure labeling solutions and the SARD EST Taggant technology, a superior cost effective security marker designed for both document and high-end consumer product authentication.

Extreme resistance to temperature, light, and chemicals

  • Using proper chemistry, SARD EST Taggants retain information in temperatures in excess of 2372° F, can adhere to many surface types, are soluble in a wide variety of materials, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and can be made visually transparent for covert applications. Our unique security labels may contain combinations of SARD EST Taggants to meet the end users specifications.

Covert and overt application

  • Our unique optical effects offer the end user an immediate visual authentication method. Ultimate authentication for the manufacturer or government agency is by detecting and confirming the presence of the covert SARD EST Taggant.

Forensic and rapid authentication throughout your supply chain

  • SARD Detectors are state of the art, handheld, lightweight, and field friendly.
  • Unique labels offer you proven features in four security levels. In addition, security labels utilized as advertising and a marketing tool where it can incorporate images, pictures, and brand name graphics.

Swiss Authentication and Swiss Authentication Research and Development are ready to custom design your perfect solution! You can depend on us to provide all of this to you and more. We at Swiss Authentication are dedicated to protecting your product, your image, your good name, and your bottom line. Call Nicholas Lloyd at 314-757-2162 for more details. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by protecting your brand with the latest technology available.